Facebook Lite Apk Download Install Free Latest Version for Android

Facebook. Nowadays everybody is fond of this social networking website which allows you to connect with the people all over the globe. It has become very easy to talk to the friends or family members who are far away from your place with the Facebook. You just need a good internet connection with high speed, of course in recent times all the people have their own Wifi internet connection. But there are some people who still don’t use the internet as well as Facebook because of the low-speed internet.

A few years back facebook was only available for computers on the website. As to reach the people all over the world who are using slow internet connection it has launched Facebook Lite for android mobiles. As it is of size 1 MB, it is compatible with all the little memory devices and it can be installed on any Android smartphones. With this Facebook lite, you can check the latest updates on Facebook, send the messages as normal as you do on your Facebook account. Initially, it will be released in Asia and soon be going to be released in all over the countries.

Facebook Lite Apk

Facebook Lite Apk Download for your Android Devices:

Really it’s a good idea to download Facebook lite instead of a normal Facebook application on your mobiles. To download this, you need to go to Google Play store,  search for the Facebook lite in the search bar and install it simply by accepting the terms and conditions. In this process, you might be facing some issues with the installation as well as downloading.

Your download may not be completed while you are downloading the APK file, sometimes it may get downloaded without APK file so that you can’t reinstall it later on your mobile. This may kill your time, test your patience and you may get frustrated with this type of disturbances. Finding an alternate way for this is the best solution to prevent these problems which allow you to download the APK file and install it easily.

Whenever you are trying to download and install the APK file you may get some error. So, here are some steps to download the Facebook lite in an easy manner on your android mobile.

  1. Go to settings option on your android mobile.
  2. Tap on the security tab.
  3. You need to check for Unknown sources option which was disabled by default, just enable the option.
  4. You can now download the APK file and install it without any interruption.

Features of Facebook Lite APK:

  1. You can avail all the features of Facebook with this Facebook lite.
  2. You can upload the photos, create the groups and share the photos.
  3. You can send the messages to the people who are in your contacts.
  4. As it is having the less memory, it saves your phone memory.
  5. All the stuff you do on regular facebook, you can do it with this Facebook lite even with the slow internet connection.

When we compare the Facebook with facebook lite the first thing we observed is, facebook lite doesn’t support the video calling. With respect to chat, you are limited to send the text messages, photos and like sticker only. Corresponding to RAM consumption facebook lite consumes less memory while running, running in the background and closed when compared with regular facebook.


Finally, we can conclude that the facebook lite application is very useful for the users having the low internet connection. With Facebook lite Apk, you can do all the stuff as same as you do in normal facebook and facebook lite consumes less memory space, RAM consumption when compared with Facebook. In this tutorial, we have shared with you some important things related to facebook lite application. If you find any problem with the download, installation you can reach us through your comments so that we will get back to you soon.

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