Kingroot Apk Download | Install Free Rooting App for Android

KingRoot is the most reliable, free and powerful rooting tool you need for your Android device in the absence of your PC. With Godspeed capability, it can root your device in the flash of a light provided you have an operating system ranging from Android 2.2 and Android 6.1. Also available for Android version Lollipop, it provides the same features as TowelRoot does. To root your Android device, all one needs to do is download the app, launch the app from the app drawer and access the ‘Try to Root’ button and voila! You have your freshly rooted device at your service.

There are two versions of KingRoot Apk including the mobile and desktop versions. KingRoot provides an APK file for the mobile version and an EXE file for the desktop version. Although the app does not provide unsuccessful attempts, in case it does not complete the rooting process, a prompt message would flash on your screen requesting you to download the desktop version.


Procedure to Download of Kingroot Apk for Android Devices:

The onscreen instructions indicate clearly the process to be followed and the same results are borne. KingRoot 4.1 amends myriad logical implementations for Android devices galore: Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google/ Nexus, ZTE, Sony, LG, XIAOMI. KingRoot has been updating and bringing about various other features to be in constant compliance with other devices so as to reach out to a larger scale of users making it the most trusted one click root tool for Android users.

Currently, KingRoot has provided support to over 100000 models surpassing all the rooting apps on the PlayStore. This tool has a success rate of 98.2% of the sum total of the devices that chose to download it.For many users, the first question posed is why Root your device and what does it imply? Rooting your Android device is a key essential feature in order to access the core part of the system.

Attaining root access to a particular system solely implies that it guarantees you complete inexhaustible access to all the data and do anything the user wishes to in the system. A concern that pops up is the level of safety the device is exposed to while rooting. In that case, KingRoot App has proved most user-friendly and safe in terms of rooting. Few users also brick their device during the process of rooting. Millions of users over the world have opted for KingRoot as an option to root their device as it allows access and benefits to the users in areas in their software which was earlier not available to them.

Features of kingroot apk:

  • KingRoot will not function on devices that have a boot-loader which has not been unlocked. Along with this tool comes a bonus called the Purify app in the app drawer that allows the users to remove all the pre-installed system apps.
  • It also allows users to clear cached data and save battery- key essentials in every device these days. KingRoot requires a working Internet connection on the phone in order to root your device within a matter of a few seconds.
  • In order to remove KingRoot from your device, one simply needs to remove KingRoot, KingMaster and the KingUser app that gets downloaded in a set initially. Uninstall the KingRoot and KingMaster app as this allows all the application data to get removed from the Android Device.
  • The next step includes opening KingUser and removing the Root permission. KingUser allows you to control the root settings and once the Root permission is removed, a popup appears asking for confirmation of the removal.
  • After agreeing to it, one needs to restart the phone. The tool will then have disappeared from your phone. KingRoot is hence recommended as the most effective rooting tool available to your Android.


Therefore, here is the complete guide on how to download Kingroot Apk for your Android Devices. Hope you all like this post.